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It's been a winter of chilly nights and chilly days ...... so it must be time for your Chilli news to come out of hibernation! Welcome to the End of Winter Edition of HOT BYTES - the on-line e-zine from BLUE KITCHEN Gourmet Foods, makers of the best chilli sauces, curry pastes and preserves available. What better way to warm up these cold nights than with a curry, laksa, or a harissa infused slow-cooked casserole. Better do it quickly though, as Spring is already in the air - at least in these parts, anyway! We've had lots of feedback since the last newsletter, a few recipe submissions (see below for the latest), and another 60 or so new subscribers - taking the tally to over 700 readers! So, you're in good company, and we hope you continue to enjoy the latest news from the wonderful world of chilli.
chilli pods
Assorted chillies ready for the cooking pot
63 Tennyson Street
Byron Bay NSW 2481
ph : 02 6680 8577
e: info@greengarage.com.au
the crew at the Green Garage
The crew at The Green Garage
For those Nth Coasters who receive this e-zine, you may already be familiar with Byron Bay's Green Garage - the supermarket that's not really a supermarket! But for those of you further afield who have yet to experience the
delights of a stay in Byron and its glorious surrounds, the Green Garage will be a must for you to visit when stocking up on supplies. The Green Garage offers a one-stop shop where you can be assured of sourcing fresh regional produce, with over 250 local products in store at any one time - and local means local food miles! They've even got an in-house chef who will cook your dinner while you shop.

Green Garage Byron Bay

The Green Garage is not only located in the heart of Byron Bay, it also has a big heart. A unique concept, called "Sending the Love Locally", distinguishes the Green Garage as more than just another store and translates into action based on generosity of spirit. Since opening in 2004, they have supported the weekly 'Homeless Breakfast' plus many local schools and pre-schools, providing raffle prizes and food. Their generosity also extends as far as Kenya through 'African Leaf Inc.' which supports orphaned and vunerable children. By shopping at the Green Garage you will be making a difference.

Every issue of HOT BYTES is archived on the BLUE KITCHEN website, so if you have only just become a subscriber, or if you're looking for one of the past recipes, you can easily check back, just by clicking:
and following the links at the bottom of each page.
Preserved Lemons
The latest batch of Preserved Lemons begin their curing stage
BLUE KITCHEN's Preserved Lemons are fast being recognised as some of the best on the Australian market. What began as select product for a couple of North Coast deli's and cafés, they are now available nationally at most outlets wherever the BLUE KITCHEN range is sold. Use a slice or two when stuffing poultry, or finely dice the peel to add to casseroles, tabbouleh, couscous, or as a garnish atop grilled fish. Blend the rind into salad dressings, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, or an advocado guacamole. BLUE KITCHEN's Preserved Lemons are made using the traditional Middle Eastern method, are pre-cured, and ready to use. Keep in the refrigerator after opening. $7.50 (+p&p) per 250g jar. CLICK HERE to order.
The Cuna Indians of Panama would trail a string of chillies behind their canoes when they went to sea. This was supposed to discourage sharks from attacking. So, given the spate of attacks off the Australian coast recently, maybe those keen in sharing the shark's habitat could try stuffing a few habaneros down their wet-suits!

All subscribers and contributors to these BLUE KITCHEN e-zines automatically go into the free draw for a selection of products from our range. The winner this quarter is:


of Sydney who has been a regular user of BLUE KITCHEN's Harissa for some time now. Margaret - your prize will be sent in the mail as soon as you phone or email us your contact details - congratulations - and we will share your fabulous salmon recipe next issue!

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Another subscriber submitted recipe this issue, this time from Chris Meagher who lives at Olive Gap, here on the NSW North Coast. Chris writes that when friends drop in to watch his beloved Swans footy team lose another match, there's nothing better to lift the spirits than to share around his famous pumpkin soup.


•1kg Kent (Jap) Pumpkin
• 200g carrots
• 200g zucchini
• 2 medium brown onions
500ml vegetable stock
pumpkin soup
• 2 tsp BLUE KITCHEN Green Curry Paste
• salt & pepper to taste
• small can coconut milk (150 - 200ml)


Peel, core and dice the pumpkin into 3cm pieces.
Chop the carrots and zucchini crossways.
In a large saucepan, combine vegetables and stock.
Add just enough water to cover.
Bring to the boil and simmer until soft.

Meanwhile, chop onions and fry with garlic in a saucepan. When the onions are starting to become transparent, stir in the BLUE KITCHEN curry paste and a little water until the onions are coated.

Allow both saucepans to cool. Combine the contents and mix in a blender until smooth. Taste, and If necessary, add more BK curry paste after heating in the saucepan with some water and perhaps a little salt and pepper to taste.

Serve piping hot, after stirring in the coconut milk.
(Greek yoghurt might be used instead of the coconut).
Garnish with some chopped coriander and/or chervil,
and perhaps a little parmesan cheese. A warm, crusty bread roll always goes down well, too!

Like to share your favourite chilli recipe? Incorporate BLUE KITCHEN, send us a copy, and we'll share it with other HOT BYTES readers ..... and we'll send you a gift pack of products! How's that!


storm approaches
Another winter storm approaching -
as seen from the BLUE KITCHEN kitchen window
Photo: - Eddie Nicholson

Chilli is the fruit of capsicum plant, part of the nightshade family, along with potatoes and tomatoes.

New research is showing that chillies can prevent or heal stomach ulcers. According to researchers, there has been a misconception that eating a lot of chillies is bad for the stomach and that curries and other hot food cause heartburn, indigestion and ulcers. They found that chillies block acid production and improve blood flow in stomach tissue, which helps in both the prevention and healing of ulcers.

Other research shows gastric ulcers are three times less common in countries where large amounts of chillies are eaten, and that chillies burn up more calories and fat than other spices.
Roger Dobson (2007)
Ken's chillies
Pequin chillies on the bush (Photo: K. Ball)
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: Indian soldiers will hurl hand grenades containing red chilli powder to disperse rioters instead of the potentially lethal explosives now used. The potent red chilli is said to be 1000 times hotter than commonly used kitchen chilli. (SMH/AFP)
HOWEVER, TRY THIS AT HOME INSTEAD: Having trouble finding BLUE KITCHEN products from your local deli or supermarket? You can buy them on-line from our secure web-site. It's quick, easy & safe. Click HERE and they'll be at your door in no time.

BLUE KITCHEN is up to its elbows producing the latest batches of their fabulous tart and tangy Davidson Plum jam. But many of you have asked us about these wonderful indigenous plums, regarded by many as the "Queen of the Rainforest". There are two varieties: Davidsonia Pruriens, and D. Jerseyana, native to coastal rainforests in Queensland & Northern NSW, respectively. They are endangered in the wild, but are now grown commercially in small plantations in places like Lillian Rock (near Nimbin), where BLUE KITCHEN sources their plums.

Plum blossom on trunk
Blossom on the trunk
Unlike European plums, the fruit hang in pendulous clusters from the main trunk. Their magenta flesh makes a beautiful tart jam or jelly, and the juice is a fantastic alternative to the vinegar required in tangy salad dressings. We use our jam as a condiment with cold meats, grilled barramundi, and mix a dollop or two with plain yoghurt or vanilla ice-cream for a quick and delicious dessert. The tree on which the fruit grows is a treat to the eye when it shoots its new crown of velvety crimson-red leaves. The new growth contrasts with the older dark green foliage, which loses its felt-like underside covering over time. [Info. from: Wild Food in Australia (Cribb); Tukka (Jean-Paul Bruneteau); Nimbin Good Times Newspaper (S. Stock) ]

Paul in his plantation
Paul Tait in his Certified Organic
Davidson Plum plantation near Nimbin

SPECIALS - The Davidson Plum Jam is currently only available here on-line - exclusive to our HOT BYTES readers. 250g jars for the special price of $7.50 + p&p. email us now!
First published: 21.08.09

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